About Sikh Centre Singapore

Established in 2000, Gurdwara Silat Road Sikh Centre, also fondly refered to as the Sikh Centre is a 7-Storey building with facilities catering to the needs ofthe young and old alike. It boasts a fully equipped auditorium with retractable seats that seat 160 as well as a library, which is home to oyer 7000 books. lt also has a Gym, Elder’s Lounge,Mini Darbar,Children’s play area and a Gurmat Sangeet Academy.

Sikh Centre

The Sikh Centre is probably the World’s first Sikh Community Centre outside India. It was built to meet the growing needs of the Sikh community given the rapidly changing socioeconomic situation of the country as well as an increasingly demanding education system.

Sikhs in Singapore also saw the need to imbibe in the young a Sikh cultural and religious identity and hence gave the Sikh Centre a direction and purpose.

The Sikh Centre is also significant in augmenting the Gurdwara’s role in propagating Sikhism. It offers the Sangat a unique Sikhi learning experience that reaches out to all age groups.