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Overview of Gurmat Sangeet Academy?

The Gurmat Sangeet Academy (GSA) was established to promote and establish a love for Gurmat Sangeet among enthusiasts. It offers a comprehensive curriculum for beginners and intermediate level students who wish to pursue the musical study of Gurmat Sangeet. Student may choose to receive individual or group vocal lessons, and/or lessons on the Harmonium, Dilruba, Israaj, Rabab, Sarangi and the tabla.

Besides classroom lessons, students will have the opportunity to participate in small and large ensembles at different platforms (eg, Gurdwara gurpurabs, Esplanade etc.)


For the convenience of the sangat, the Academy operates at both the Sikh Centre as well as the Central Sikh Temple.


Mr Jatinder Singh has a Master’s degree in Music from the renowned Gurmat Sangeet Institute, Jawaddi Taksal (Ludhiana). Having nine years of teaching experience under his belt, he teaches vocals as well as instruments at Central Sikh Temple.

Mr Maninder Singh is also an alumni from Jawaddi Taksal (Ludhiana) having studied there for 12 years. He has 5 years of teaching experience and has also completed a diploma in Gurmat Sangeet from Patiala University. He teaches vocal as well as instruments at Sikh Centre.


Individual Class (non-related persons)

1 person-$100 per month

2 persons-$80 each per month

3 Persons-$60 each per month

Group class of 4 or more non related persons in each group

1 person-$45 each per month

Group class of 3 or more related persons in each group

Family 1st person-$45 each per month

Family 2nd person-$35 each per month

Family 3rd person-$30 each per month


Contact Jatinder Singh (91344631) and Maninder Singh (93659680)

About Gurmat Sangeet

Gurmat Sangeet is a unique musical tradition of the five centuries-old Sikh religion established and preached by all the Sikh Gurus, from Guru Nanak Sahib, the Founder of Sikhism onwards. With Gurmat Sangeet, the divine message is communicated through Shabad Kirtan. Shabad Kirtan has been made an inseparable part of the Sikh way of life. Kirtan Chauki tradition has been in vogue in the gurdwaras for centuries and the Kirtan tradition in practice on special occasions is an extended form of this tradition.

The Divine Music of the Sikhs

The Sikhs have a rich musical heritage given by their Gurus. The sacred Scripture of the Sikhs, Guru Granth Sahib is classified into 31 ragas, the musical measures. Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikh religion sang his divine revelations with his companion Bhai Mardana, a bard, who played Rabab (Rebeck). He established the Sikh tradition of singing divine hymns ( Kirtan) combining with a range of musical patterns.  The Kirtan is performed day and night in Harimandir Sahib (Golden Temple, Amritsar), the most sacred of Sikh shrines. In every Gurdwara, the Sikh Temple, the divine hymns are sung every morning and evening.


Harmonium, Israaj, Dilruba, Rabab, Tabla, Sarangi, Keyboard etc.

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