Sikh Centre

Class Rooms

Facility is available at Level 4 and 6 with following facilities.

  • Projector and Screen For Computer/ Video available at both classes at L4/6
  • Siting Capacity of 45pax/15pax
  • Wi-fi access


The library is patronized by a group of regular users. Every year new books on Sikhi are added to the collection. In 2014 more than a hundred books were purchased for the library. Readers also visit the library regularly to read newspapers. The Board publishes reviews of new books in CSGB Newsletters to further promote the library. Kids enjoy colouring Sikh symbols in the library as well.



Sikh Centre has a multi purpose auditorium at Level 7 with following facilities.

  • Seating capacity of 165 (Retractable chairs)
  • 1 Handheld Wireless Microphones
  • 1 Rostrum with Microphone
  • Front stage of size 6.7X16.6 Feet (1 Feet  Height)
  • 6 wire Mikes for the stage performance in the front.
  • DVD Player/ Desktop PC/Projector and Screen For Computer/ Video
  • Multi-System VHS VCR
  • Wi-fi access

Multi-purpose Hall

This hall is used for Tae Kwon Do classes, Bhangra, Turban Tying classes etc.


Elders’ Lounge

This lounge is a place for the retirees to socialize. More than 15 Senior Citizens have been using the lounge daily to meet up and have their own private time. It is located at Level 5 of Sikh Centre.